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About Honghuan Geotextile


Honghuan Geotextile Co., Ltd, established in 2003, has specialized in the production and marketing of woven geotextile, non woven geotextile, geotubes. The company has 130 staff and 16 sets of high-tech equipment for geotextile production. With years'trying and improvement, we've been China's leading manufacture of high strength PP woven geotextile and geotextile tubes.

Honghuan focus on most kinds of woven geotextiles and nonwoven geotextiles together with its extension products - geotube. In woven geotextile field, we manufacture and supply the silt film woven geotextile, monofilament woven geotextile and monofilament woven geotextile. In nonwoven geotextile field, we manufacture and supply filament nonwoven geotextile, short fiber needle punched nonwoven geotextile, and thermo calendered nonwoven geotextile. In geotube field, we manufacture and supply dewatering geotube and revetment geotube.

Honghuan committed to provide better quality and customer service to our clients and provide innovative solutions to support the challenges, infrastructure, environmental construction projects.

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